Our Apalachicola Nature Reserve Adventure


This is where the adventure begins! At st. Georges island and on to the Apalachicola Nature Reserve!

We were driving along, we were headed to St. Georges island to play at the beach. when we left we stopped at the Apalachicola Nature Reserve and had an adventure there. when we were there we went to the Nature Reserve and saw a stingray and a horseshoe crab interact! Wow! the stingray was sliding over the crabs back, but, he didn’t mind because the stingray wasn’t hurting him.



This is a collection of all the photos we took at the reserve.


The Forgotten Coast!ANERR_2.jpg

These are purple martin houses. to the right of the coast view.anerr_9This is a Snapping Tortoise! Hello, there!ANERR_7.jpgThe interactive map with light borders to show where places are in Apalachicola I discovered!

Me working on the activity book i got from the gift shop.


The photos of when we were about to leave!

My brothers checking out whale back bones!

My sister peeking at the rain collector. Yes! it sucks up the rain and sends it to toilets and sinks! so that means i’m washing my hands in rain!

one of my brothers and my sister running to the van. Wait up!




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